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At any given time we have several of the following client's on the Opportunity Board, But not limited to these. Once classes fill up the opportunity is removed and may come back in the future as needs arise. Due to our Non-Disclosure Agreement with our partner, we cannot publicly give the names of our clients. What we can say is that they are some of the best Fortune 500 companies. MOST require a Land-line and phone, and some only require a USB Headset. You would be doing the following...but not limited to: providing Customer Service, answering questions, making reservations, taking payments, up sales, and taking orders. Most incentives are based on performance and others are based on up sales.

1. Road Side Assistance - $9-$10hr

2. BNB - $12-$13hr (There is a $600 charge for their equipment) We do NOT sign off on this equipment for financing...you the agent will have to pay for it in full.

3. B &N Bookstore $9-$10hr

4. The Fun Ship Cruise $8-$9hr

5. Cable Company $10hr + incentives for every confirmed revenue generating unit

6. Home Services $9.50hr

7. Sporting Goods Retailer $10hr

8. Most Magical Place $8hr

9. Car Rental $9hr + incentives based on performance

10.Largest DIY Retailer $11-$11.50hr

11.Tax Client $9-$13hr

12.Virtual MD $10hr

13. High End Department Store $10hr

14. The Diva Cruise Line $9hr

15. Electric Company $10-$10.50hr